July 13 - 18, 2020

The Junior Police Leadership Academy will be held July 13 - 18, 2020 at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena, Montana. To be accepted into the Junior Police Leadership Academy your application packet must include:

  • A completed application with a type written essay expressing why you are interested in the criminal justice profession and why you should be selected.

  • The local Chief of Police or Sheriff’s signature on your application, stating he supports your decision to attend JPLA.

  • The Medical Release signed by your physician stating you do not have any physical or medical reason that would prohibit you from participating in physical activities. A sports physical can be used if it is dated for the current school year.

  • The Release of Liability form signed by you and your Parent/Guardian.

Any areas that are left blank may disqualify your application, so make sure everything is complete. JPLA is open to any high school student, with preference to be given to first time attendees going into 10th, 11th, or 12th grade. Any vacancies will then be given to graduating seniors or repeat attendees. Students currently in 8th grade do not qualify.

Applications must be returned no later than April 24, 2020. Applications can be scanned and emailed to info@macop.com

Notification of acceptance will be emailed by May 15, 2020. This program is held at the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena, Montana, and funded by the Montana Association of Chiefs of Police. There is no cost to participants. 



2020 Application and Medical Waiver (pdf)


2019 JPLA



JPLA is held at the Montana Law

Enforcement Academy. 

It is a beautiful campus.

Future Leaders


Students enjoy many activities that teach them about leadership, including hiking Mount Helena.

Crime Scene Investigation


Students learn all aspects of law enforcement.



We have many wonderful Sponsors for JPLA. McDonald's has been a long time sponsor that is very  much appreciated. 



Wheat Montana and Safeway have been donating food and drinks for JPLA for many years.



Other Law Enforcement agencies and associations are indispensible in providing staff and supplies. We could not  do it without them.