MACOP Membership

Active members of this Association shall consist of qualified law enforcement officers who hold the rank of Chief of Police, Director, Assistant or Deputy Chief, Bureau Chief, Division Commanding Officer, Captain, Lieutenant, or any rank performing equivalent duties. These individuals must be employed by a legally constituted municipal, county, state, federal, or other governmental law enforcement agency or jurisdiction.  An individual holding the rank of Sergeant may be an active member of this association if their application for membership is accompanied by a request from their Department Administrator. This provision is intended to address agencies whose rank structure stylizes Sergeants as part of the agency command staff.  Any active member in good standing at the time of their retirement from a position in police or any law enforcement services.  Many continue their active membership as a life member after retiring from regular police or law enforcement duties. 

Any person not eligible for active membership but qualified by training and experience in police or other law enforcement activity, or by other professional attainments in police science or administration are eligible for associate membership in the Association.  Associate members shall have the privileges of active membership except for holding office and voting. Membership dues are based on the calendar year.